Dr. med. Christin Gramsch


Medical Practitioner

naturopathic treatment



Microbiological Therapy

Born in Greifswald in 1967


1986 - 92 medical studies in Rostock


1992 PhD


1994 Approval


1994 - 95 training as a general practitioner


1996 Qualifications in sonography, long-term blood pressure measurement, lung function diagnostics


1996 Start of work as a panel doctor, practice in Seebad Heringsdorf


1996 - 98 Training in naturopathy in Berlin, Munich and Freudenstadt, additional qualification in naturopathy


since 1998 member of the Central Association of Physicians for Naturopathic Treatments ZÄN


1998 Birth of 1st daughter


1997 - 99 basic acupuncture training in Berlin and Hamburg, acquisition of A-diploma for acupuncture


since 1997 member of the German Medical Society for Acupuncture DÄGfA


2000 Birth of 2nd daughter


2001 Acupuncture Diploma from the MV Medical Association


2000 - 02 Continuing education in traditional Chinese medicine in Bad Kissingen, obtaining a B diploma in acupuncture


2001 Psychosomatic training


2006 additional designation acupuncture


2002 - 05 homeopathy training


since 2004 member of the German Central Association of Homeopathic Doctors DZVhÄ


2006 Diploma in Homeopathy


2007 additional designation homeopathy


2008 qualification skin cancer screening


2008 treasurer on the board of the state association of the DZVhÄ Mecklenburg-Vorpommern


2010 Specialist in Microbiological Therapy


2008, 2012 and 2019 certificate for continuous medical training from the MV Medical Association


2011 EssSense Therapist


2019 Member of the AMT working group for microbiological therapy


2020 academic teaching practice at the University of Greifswald


2021 certified immune trainer