private doctor's office for holistic medicine

"The doctor's highest and only profession is

to make sick people well, which is called healing.

(S. Hahnemann, Organon der Heilkunst, § 1)

The Hippocratic Oath and what it can still teach us today

Doctors are no longer required to swear the Hippocratic Oath.

The content of this pledge, which is essential for our time, is the promise to follow all medical prescriptions with the aim of helping the sick and to refrain from all measures that could harm the sick. Hippocrates urged doctors to recognize their own limitations. And he urged medical confidentiality.

I will not recommend any diagnostic or therapeutic measures that I am not sure will be of benefit to you. And I don't use any therapy methods whose benefit-harm ratio is questionable.

This is also why I use as much as possible the generally well-tolerated,

naturopathic methods with few side effects.